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A little bit about us, and a lot about our cats.

We live in a quiet "dead end road" on Oppegård. In an old 2 floors house with a big garden. My husband and I live together with our Abyssinian cats and 1 domestic cat by the name Lazy DSM. We got our first Abyssinian cat autumn 2002. Her name was Ingaves Zita (title IC) and her name with us became Cleo. Cleo turned out to be the start of our small breed. We did get our breeders name autumn 2003. Our first litter of Abyssinian cats we was born April 2004. And since then, there has been born several nice litters.

How did we end up with a domestic cat and the breed Abyssinian cats? I got my first domestic cat at the age of 2, and has had several during the years. When I met my husband we did agree to get a cat. But at that time it was hard to find kittens around were we did live. So we had to travel all the way to Fredrikstad (a town east of Oslo) to pick up our little Lazy. We did get her in February 2002. In that litter, we did not have to choose a kitten, Lazy did choose my husband!!! She soon became a real "father's girl" and a sugar lump. But, I DID also want my own cat! I have always been fascinated by the Abyssinian cat and the far East (Egyptian old history). Always related that breed with Egypt. One autumn day 2002 I saw an add that told us that there was a litter for sale not far from us (only 15 minutes from us). Then I knew that getting my dream cat might come trough :-) We were so lucky to buy from the breeder Inger and Kåre Nave, a lovely little Ruddy Abyssinian kitten by the name Ingaves Zita (or Cleo as her name became with us). Cleo did give us 3 lovely litters before she became a happy neuter here with us. Sadly we had to say "Good night to this lovely lady autumn 2014. But Cleo will forever have a great spot in our hearts. Since 2002 we have got several more Abyssinian cats. We often travel and attend on cat shows with both our domestic cat and Abyssinian cats. They have all done and does very well at shows. Attending a cat show is very exciting and we learn much. As a breeder one can not learn to much. Every new litter is a new experience and joy.

The breeder Inger and Kåre Nave has been, and still are our mentors when it comes to attending cat shows and various other things. We're for ever grateful that we did buy our Cleo from them. We just want to have a small breed of Abyssinian cats, and we use the breeder Nave as an example. We'll not have many litters every year (1-2 litters). Our goal is that our cats and their offspring has high quality, health and are social cats. Further on, we want that kittens sent from us will come to perfect homes (not much traffic, allergies and so one), where they'll live good lives, being loved and taken good care of.

The house we live in.

The cat's "yard".